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Turk and maca-powered Gold Edition of Test Freak makes its debut with a 10% discount

Where To Buy Pharmafreak Test Freak Gold Edition

Last month, legacy sports brand PharmaFreak debuted its Test Freak Gold Edition at our annual Stack3d Supplement Expo. For those who missed it, the newest iteration of PharmaFreak’s Test Freak is powered by maca with a high 10:1 standardization at a hefty one gram a serving, turkesterone at half a gram, green tea, grape seed, and the common testosterone-boosting ingredient saw palmetto.

Additionally, Test Freak Gold Edition was designed to be taken in the morning, allowing it to be used alongside the brand’s other Test Freak products. During the Stack3d Supplement Expo, Test Freak Gold Edition was only available for pre-order, and the brand has now confirmed that as of today, all pre-orders have been shipped and fulfilled, and Test Freak Gold Edition is finally available to the public.

The new Test Freak Gold edition is currently exclusive to the brands’ website, and to celebrate, PharmaFreak has launched Test Freak Gold with a special 10% discount. Bringing the 30-serving bottle down to $69.99 from the usual $79.99 (58.90 USD).