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Xyprotein debuts its innovative and complete plant proteins in the US through ZXChem

Xyprotein Hydrorice Hydropr

The world of protein powder is the most saturated category in the sports nutrition industry, with the difficult part being the ability to stand out, as there isn’t much brands can do to differentiate their competitor from the next. This goes for common whey-based protein supplements as well as sub-categories like gainers, meal replacements, and plant-based protein powders, which is something Xyprotein has created something specifically for.

Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food or Xyprotein for short, and its distributor ZXChem, have launched HydroRice PA80 and HydroPR 80, two innovative plant-based proteins. HydroRice is made from 100% rice protein, while HydroPR is a blend of pea and rice protein. Both products are created using a unique manufacturing process that involves high-pressure homogenization and spray drying, eliminating the need for enzymes or hydrolyzation. This results in proteins with excellent solubility and a neutral taste, ideal for dairy alternatives like milk, yogurt, and ice cream.

What sets these proteins apart is their nutritional completeness and source quality. HydroRice PA80 and HydroPR 80 are complete proteins containing all nine essential amino acids. HydroPR 80 even has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1, indicating high-quality protein. Additionally, the rice used in these products is sourced from areas free of heavy industrial pollution, ensuring a cleaner, safer protein.

You can read more about the company behind HydroRice PA80 and HydroPR 80, Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food, or more simply Xyprotein, over at As for information on the distributor of the innovative ingredients here in the US, for brands interested in trying them out or involving either of the premium proteins, HydroRice or HydroPR, in their next protein supplement, head to ZXChem’s website at