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Exclusive brand AfterDark takes inspiration from classic scary films for a special edition series of flavors

Afterdark Scary Movie Themed Inhuman Flavors

The extremely intriguing and uniquely retail-exclusive brand AfterDark has put together a special edition selection of products, all playing into a scary movie theme, which is fitting, of course, with Halloween right around the corner. The up-and-coming supplement company has gone deep into the branding of each of the products, as they’ve been given a different look to other AfterDark offerings and are inspired by classic films.

AfterDark’s latest limited edition line consists of three flavors; again, each is themed around a classic scary movie, and they’re all flavors of its signature stimulant pre-workout Inhuman, featuring highlights like 150mg of CognatiQ, 5g of citrulline malate, and a combined 375mg of caffeine. The limited-time tastes of the supplement are Black Cherry for IT, Juicy Lime for The Purge, and lastly, Blood Orange for the masked horror flick Scream.

The team at AfterDark is dropping all three of its scary movie or Halloween-inspired flavors of the Inhuman pre-workout in the coming weeks, perfectly timed for All Hallow’s Eve, which is three weeks from yesterday. As mentioned earlier, AfterDark is only available in specialty sports nutrition retailers, so wherever current fans of the brand get their stash, primarily thanks to the premier distributors Next Star and Sport Life.