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Turkesterone the next to expand Alpha Lion’s versatile Gains Candy series of supplements

Alpha Lion Gains Candy Turkesterone

The Gains Candy Series is Alpha Lion’s approach to standalone supplementation, although if you’re at all familiar with that family of products, you’ll know it’s far from your typical collection of bulk, unflavored creatine, glutamine, and BCAAs. Gains Candy is built around basic supplements that rely on a single ingredient, but those ingredients are much more uncommon with the likes of Gains Candy RipFactor, Gains Candy S7, Gains Candy Nitrosigine, and the fat burning, Gains Candy Mitoburn.

Alpha Lion is adding to its Gains Candy Series tomorrow with Gains Candy Turkesterone, and while most of the products in the line utilize premium, branded ingredients, that is not the case here. The supplement is indeed turkesterone in capsule format to support and improve the building of muscle strength and size. We have not seen the facts panel on the product; however, coming from Alpha Lion, you won’t likely get a subpar dose, likely right around the norm of 500mg of ajuga turkestanica per capsule.

Once again, Alpha Lion is looking to drop Gains Candy Turkesterone tomorrow through its online store over at Usually, the supplements in the series don’t stray too far from one another in price, going as low as $29.99 for Gains Candy CaloriBurn and as high as $39.99 for Gains Candy Mitoburn. We suspect Gains Candy Turkesterone might break that consistency, as most products based around turkesterone get up over $50, so don’t be surprised if the Gains Candy extension goes high.