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Aware’s special edition Halloween pre-workout is back with a tweaks and changes to its formula

Aware Pwo Halloween Edition Is Back For 2023

Fans of Sweden’s Aware Nutrition may remember that around this time last year, the well-established brand put together something special for Halloween, and it wasn’t just a limited-time flavor. Aware created an entire pre-workout supplement, separate from its already available Aware Pre-Workout and Aura-7 PWO, of course, in its own unique flavor. The product was called Aware PWO Halloween Edition, and here in October of 2023, right around the occasion itself, the brand has decided to bring that back.

Aware Nutrition’s Aware PWO Halloween Edition is available once again through with a similar set of highlights, but it is distinctly different. The formula this time around includes 8g of citrulline malate for better muscle pumps, 3g of beta-alanine for focus, and for focus, half a gram of lion’s mane and 1.75g of tyrosine. Theanine is also in there at 300mg with 200mg each of juniper berry and rhodiola, and lastly, a good dose of caffeine at 300mg for a noticeably strong level of energy.

According to Aware Nutrition, it has crafted a new flavor for the returning Aware PWO Halloween Edition, mysteriously calling it Halloween Candy, although, on the tub, it still says Sour Strawberry, and that was taste of last year’s version. You can grab the limited-time product while it’s still around through the brand’s online store at SEK 299 (26.84 USD) for a tub of 20 maximum servings.