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Big Flex aims for a more cost-effective position in its latest competitor for the pre-workout category

Big Flex Rocket Fuel Pre Workout

Indian sports nutrition competitor Big Flex has dropped a new pre-workout by the name of Rocket Fuel, which is separate from its other competitors in the popular category like Nuke, Warfare, and Cyclone. Rocket Fuel is more on the basic side of things, carrying a more cost-effective price tag next to the Nuke and Warfare, and that is somewhat reflected in the formula as it doesn’t have too many active ingredients, and most of them are moderately dosed.

In Big Flex’s maximum one-and-a-half scoop serving of the Rocket Fuel pre-workout, you get an oddly high 6g of beta-alanine to improve performance, an oppositely light 1.2g of pure citrulline for pumps, 600mg of arginine, and 120mg each of green tea and epicatechin. The classic muscle strength and size-building creatine is in there too, in the form of creatine HCl at a low 600mg, plus hydration-supporting electrolytes and a moderate 240mg of caffeine for energy.

As mentioned, the formula is nothing supremely advanced or over-the-top, except for the 6g of beta-alanine, which mostly stands out as the other dosages in Big Flex’s Rocket Fuel aren’t anywhere near that heightened amount. All of this is about expected when you hear the price tag of the Indian brand’s cost-effective pre-workout competitor at ₹1,189 (14.29 USD) for a bottle of 20 maximum servings in Fruit Cocktail, Guava, Lucious, and Watermelon flavors.