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Body Science puts a maximum of 160mg of caffeine in its energy drink debut

Body Science Bsc Energy Drink 1

The energy drink from the Australian legacy sports nutrition brand Body Science has been announced, and it is currently available for order directly through its online store at You can secure your cases of the beverage to ship within the next two to four days at $4.50 (2.87 USD) per half-liter can, which works out to $54 (34.48 USD) for a case of 12, and that is right around the competition in the category.

Body Science has put a relatively straightforward formula in its first-ever carbonated energy drink, with the name also being relatively basic and simple with the BSc Energy Drink. The product brings together a variety of B vitamins, gluconolactone at 600mg, a solid dose of another common energizing beverage component in taurine at 2g, and lastly, caffeine, at the maximum allowed in a 500ml energy drink in Australia at 160mg.

Being from a sports nutrition company, Body Science’s BSc Energy Drink is, of course, macro-friendly, to the extent that you have nothing to worry about in the area of nutrition. The beverage has absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat and 2g of protein, presumably counted from the taurine, resulting in a calorie count of eight. There are three flavors of the energy drink, all refreshingly fruity: Ice Blast, Lime Crush, and Berry Burst.