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Bodybuilding Com Feastbox Protein Packs

Meal prep has become much more accessible over the years with a lot of companies opening up and offering the service, and with that increase in competition has come bigger varieties and strong cost-effective pricing. One of those clean, nutritious, and reliable food brands is FEASTbox, which specializes in cooking protein-packed meats, preparing 10,000s of pounds of meat in its time, and impressively serving 1,000s of customers.

The online supplement retailer has come together with FEASTbox to create FEASTbox Protein Packs. It is indeed a prepared, fully-cooked meal service, where you simply place your order, get your meats, throw them in the refrigerator, and heat up when needed. The meat comes in convenient packs providing about 30g of protein a serving, and it is meat only, with no major sources of carbohydrates, and there are 12 varieties.

The options you have to choose from for and FEASTbox’s Protein Packs include the likes of Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki, Texas Rub Tri Tip, Herb Roasted Chicken Breast, and Sweet & Spicy Pork. The prices do change depending on the meat, starting as low as $10.95 for 1.2lbs of Buffalo Chicken Breast and going up to $21.95 for the same 1.2lbs of Smoked Texas Brisket. There is a minimum order amount of $90, which you’ll quickly discover is easy to do with the tasty options.