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Cyclops is following its premium pre-workout with a whey isolate-based protein

Cyclops Supplements Protein Confirmed

The young and growing Cyclops Supplements recently released its premium pre-workout competitor Wrath, and it is indeed loaded, squeezing in around 30g of actives, including 10g of citrulline malate, 5g of betaine, and a double dose of beta-alanine at 6.4g. The brand is already looking ahead and has confirmed it is getting into the equally competitive category of protein powder with Cyclops Protein.

Cyclops Supplements Protein comes with slightly more than your traditional 25g of protein a serving at 27g, which is something worth noting because if you scale down the serving to get that more common 25g, that’ll actually get you two more servings per tub at 29 instead of 27. All of the protein comes from premium whey isolate, and the other macros filling out the product’s nutrition profile are low and lean.

To top everything off, Cyclops Supplements has infused its upcoming debut in the protein powder category with enzymes to improve digestion. The product is due to hit the market in the coming weeks in at least one flavor with Vanilla Soft Serve, and it’ll go nicely alongside the other areas of sports nutrition the brand covers in pre-workout, pump, and hydration.