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Cyclops squeezes close to 30g of actives into its premium pre-workout offering Wrath

Cyclops Supplements Wrath Pre Workout

At the end of the week at precisely 6PM Eastern Time on Friday, the reputable newcomer Cyclops Supplements is rolling out its premium pre-workout Wrath, previewed back in August, and promising a powerhouse combination of ingredients in its hefty 33g serving size. As we build up to that drop, the brand has passed on the complete formula powering the product, and as you’d expect, with that much room in a two-scoop serving, it is packed full of promising highlights.

Being that Wrath is Cyclops Supplements’ premium offering in the pre-workout category, separate from its already available Essential Series Pre-Workout, it is built to cover all of the effects you could want from this type of product. It has two or more ingredients each to increase, enhance, and elevate energy, mental focus, pumps, and performance, all in a single pre-workout.

Cyclops Supplements Wrath Pre Workout Label

Cyclops Supplements Wrath comes with a sizeable 10g of citrulline malate at the usual 2:1 ratio of citrulline to malic acid, 2g of agmatine, and a rarely seen 5g of betaine to drive pumps, with the performance and endurance portion supported by 2g of taurine and a hefty 6.4g of beta-alanine, double the usual 3.2g. Then, driving home the energy and focus side of the experience, you get a combined 400mg of caffeine, 2g of the focus-supporting tyrosine, 100mg of premium CognatiQ, previously known as NeuroFactor, 200mg of theobromine, and AstraGin for better uptake and efficacy.

Once again, Cyclops Supplements will be releasing its packed-out premium Wrath pre-workout this Friday through its online store. The product will obviously cost more than the Essential Series Pre-Workout at $55.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings, and it is worth every bit of that. There are going to be two tastes to choose from, both extremely limited to 300 units each in the candy style Sour Gummy Worm and the wild berry recipe One Eyed Berry.