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Reputable Fusion Sports Performance closes up shop and discounts everything by 40%

Fusion Sports Performance Shutting Down

Fusion Sports Performance has been a great brand to follow since its inception, known for putting together some reliably effective supplements for some of the most competitive categories out there in pre-workout and protein powder. The young brand made its mark with the powerhouse product Mad Titan, built for intense energy and focus, and improved pumps and performance, with highlights like 3.2g of beta-alanine, 4g of pure citrulline, a combined 400mg of caffeine, and 200mg of potent eria jarensis.

Some unfortunate news has come in from Fusion Sports Performance this week in that it is closing up shop after a great few years on the market. It is clearing out all remaining stock of its sports nutrition products, discounting everything by a strong 40%, and sending the brand off with a bang. Over at, Fusion has dropped its two stimulant pre-workouts, Super Soldier, to $27 and the packed-out Mad Titan, to $29.40, and the creatine-infused BCAA-based amino Healing Factor is down to $22.20.