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CON-CRET innovator introduces its three times more concentrated HydroNOX Citrulline HCl

Hydronox Citrulline Hcl

Vireo Systems is the company behind CON-CRET creatine HCl, a form of creatine widely promoted as concentrated creatine and directed to be used in a significantly smaller amount than the likes of the classic creatine monohydrate at 1.5g versus 5g. The creative minds behind CON-CRET have introduced a similar sort of innovation this week at the industry convention SupplySide with pump-enhancing HydroNOX Citrulline HCl.

The idea behind HydroNOX Citrulline HCl is along the same lines as CON-CRET creatine HCl in that it’s a concentrated alternative to pure l-citrulline, commonly used in pre-workouts to improve blood flow and pumps. Vireo Systems describes its all-new HydroNOX Citrulline HCl as being three times more concentrated than standard citrulline, suggesting that something like 2g of HydroNOX would have the same effect as 6g of citrulline.

The benefits of HydroNOX Citrulline HCl’s concentrated claims go beyond just getting more from less, as it’ll bring down the overall weight of finished supplements as well as the cost to ship the raw ingredient for manufacturers. Vireo System’s patent-pending innovation is undoubtedly going to make some noise when it begins to roll out and find its way into products, so fans will want to remember and keep an eye out for HydroNOX, and brands interested in using it can reach out at