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Inspired starts the list of brands exhibiting in the exclusive Stack3d Section at next year’s Arnold Expo

Inspired Coming To Stack3d X Arnold

The Stack3d Section at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2024 is going to be a separate area at the Columbus Convention Center made up of several reputable, well-known, innovative, and creative companies from within the world of sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drinks. You’ll see it as soon as you walk in the door, and we’re looking to have around 30 to 35 brands in this never-before-seen setup, the first of which we have to share with you here in this post.

The past Brand Of The Year winner, Inspired Nutraceuticals, is one of the many supplement companies you’ll find in the Stack3d Section at next year’s Arnold Sports Festival, bringing its signature look and feel, and, of course, its powerhouse products. Knowing the brand as well as we do and what it stands for, you can count on Inspired showing up to the Arnold with something special, whether that be a loaded new supplement, flavor innovation, or something in between.

As mentioned, we have a host of other exhibitors to announce for the exclusive Stack3d Section at the Arnold Sports Festival, and while many of them are supplement companies, there are several tucked in there are that fall more into the functional food realm, beverage, and even industry side. We’re looking to announce the participants one by one, leading up to the event itself, which is going down in Columbus, Ohio, from the 1st day of March through to the 3rd.