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LevlUp previews a ready-to-drink meal replacement and asks fans for feedback

Levlup Previews Food Up

Ever since CTRL entered the market with a strong focus on the market of gamers but with a balanced meal replacement supplement, that category has become a much bigger interest for other gaming brands. X-Gamer in Sweden tackled the meal space with its approach, and so did Myprotein under its Command Series, and now it appears another competitor might be throwing its hat in the ring with a concept that looks like a lot of effort has gone into it.

The hugely popular German gaming supplement company LevlUp has posted a picture asking fans if they like what they see basically. The preview is of a performance meal in ready-to-drink format named Food Up, packed full of protein and B vitamins. The brand is showing off the potential product in three flavors, all of which are from the menu of its original gaming supplement, with Shiny Dragon, Galaxy, and the passionfruit coconut recipe Shinobi.

Again, LevlUp is only testing the waters with its Food Up concept, this is not something it plans on launching, or so it sounds, but the images it’s put out there look to be pretty polished, and there is quite a bit of detail to them. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is quickly turned into a reality, to the extent that it’s maybe already in production, as the category LevlUp has chosen, the name, and flavors, make for too good of a fit for it to not happen.