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Life Pro adds another two intriguing protein snacks in classic Palmeritas and miniature donuts

Life Pro Nutrition Palmeritas

Life Pro Nutrition has come out with a rather interesting family of functional products this week that go far beyond your traditional protein bar, cookie, or any other familiar format of protein snack. The Spanish sports nutrition specialist has introduced Protein Palmeritas, Creations, and Creations White. The Palmeritas on the elephant ear-shaped pastry of the same name from France, while Creations are tiny chocolate-covered donuts.

All of Life Pro Nutrition’s functional foods are fun, to say the least, and incredibly interesting when you see the kind of protein that’s been squeezed into these unique shapes. Palmeritas has two pieces of the pastry-inspired treat per pack, combining to provide 13g of protein, 15.7g of fat, and a low 4.7g of carbohydrates. The result is a very keto-friendly style nutrition profile, keeping the protein and fat high, and the carbs to a minimum.

Life Pro Nutrition Protein Creations

As for Life Pro Nutrition’s Creations and Creations White, they are packets of miniature donuts covered in milk chocolate for the regular version and sweet white chocolate for the White variant. The macros on these are a bit lower in protein than the Palmeritas at 11.5g alongside 10.7 to 10.8g of fat, and another low level of carbohydrates at just 1.9 to 2.1g, well under a gram of that sugar, and a total calorie count of 167 or 168 in the white chocolate Creations.

Life Pro Nutrition’s latest functional efforts certainly tick the boxes if you’re on the lookout for incredibly unique snacks that are high in protein and fat, and have next to nothing in the area of carbohydrates and sugar. The Spanish brand does tend to price its protein treats very reasonably, and that is the case here with a single unit of Palmeritas, Creations, or Creations White costing €2.95 (3.11 USD), making it nice and easy to try the lot.