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Legacy UK company MaxiNutrition jumps into the increasingly popular clear protein subcategory

Maxinutrition Maxclear Whey Protein

The protein powder sub-category of clear and refreshing protein supplements continues to grow week by week or month by month, especially in the UK and Europe. Over there, despite clear-style protein products already being relatively popular, brands keep pouring into the space, and this week, we have one of the longer-running sports nutrition companies in the UK jumping in with MaxiNutrition and its all-new MaxClear Whey Protein.

MaxiNutrition has stayed true to the sub-category with MaxClear Whey Protein packing 24g of protein per serving, all from premium, high-quality whey isolate, almost no carbohydrates at around 1.3g, no sugar or fat, and a lean calorie count of 105. It’s nice and clean, like most other clear-style protein powders, and it keeps the theme of only coming in non-milkshake-type flavors with three to choose from in Cherry, Cola, and an intriguing Iced Tea Lemon.

MaxClear Whey Protein will be available shortly directly through MaxiNutrition’s online store as well as Amazon, with the former selling the supplement at £26.99 (32.91 USD). That is for a rather small tub of 420g, which works out to an obviously small serving count of just 14. The UK brand may have some sort of deal or discount for when MaxClear Whey Protein becomes available, but for now, expect to pay at least £26.99 for that 420 tub.