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‘Merica Labz finds a way to make its inclusion-loaded Patriot’s Whey taste even better

Merica Labz 2023 Rebrand

The most ‘Merican supplement company out there, ‘Merica Labz, has announced the coming of its protein powder Patriot’s Whey, although this isn’t anything entirely new. Those who have followed Stack3d for some time or have been fans of ‘Merica for a while will know the protein product has been around for years. For 2023, however, the brand has given it a complete makeover, and that goes beyond just its unmissable rebrand.

Firstly, on the inside of ‘Merica Labz Patriot’s Whey, there is a whole new flavor system, promising an even better experience, which is exciting since the original inclusion-loaded options were all amazing. The brand is continuing four of those initial flavors for its Patriot’s Whey relaunch in Fortuitous Keepsakes, Yosemite S’mores with chocolate chips and marshmallows, Yankee F’ing Doodle, and the cookie-stacked Double Stuffed.

As mentioned, the upcoming re-release of Patriot’s Whey from ‘Merica Labz is going to involve greatly improved flavoring, or actually, a better description would be “even better tasting”, as the original was damn good. On the outside of all of that is a very different look for the protein powder, which is not like anything else in the brand’s lineup, but that is intentional, as ‘Merica has shifted away from the traditional uniform look to something unique to each supplement as seen in its many pre-workouts.

‘Merica Labz is planning to launch the new and deliciously improved Patriot’s Whey protein powder in about two weeks from yesterday, and when it arrives, there will be some limited-time deals. You’ll be able to get your hands on the four flavors individually or in bundles to try the entire collection, and again, it’ll all be live in about two weeks on Monday, the 23rd of this month.