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Muscle Nation announces crispy and crunchy Protein Puffs with 17g of protein a bag

Muscle Nation Protein Puffs

High-protein puffs are a common type of snack in the world of functional food, and they’re better than most when it comes to nutrition, as they generally have plenty of protein, impressively low carbohydrates, and the fat doesn’t sit too high either. There are many brands out there that make them, including the likes of Pure Protein, FitCrunch, and even the gaming specialist G Fuel, with Muscle Nation adding its name to that list this week.

Muscle Nation’s Protein Puffs have been announced and are expected to be hitting stores shortly, down under in its home country of Australia. Similar to those other puff-style snacks mentioned, the brand has kept the protein high on this one, coming in at 17g per bag, although we’re not sure about the other macros. Muscle Nation isn’t openly promoting low sugar, carbohydrates, or anything like that, and the 17g of protein is in a 60g bag, whereas the likes of Pure Protein Puffs have 18g of protein from 30g.

There are going to be two flavors to choose from for Muscle Nation’s Protein Puffs right out of the gate, and they are both relatively traditional when it comes to bite-sized chip snacks like this with Barbecue and the classic two-part taste Salt & Vinegar. Muscle Nation has serious distribution across Australia, being available in specialty sports nutrition stores as well as major supermarkets, so fans can expect to see these all over the place.