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MuscleTech readies its premium and well-priced whey isolate competitor ISOWhey

Muscletech Isowhey

The protein powder the sports nutrition giant MuscleTech leaked out there a month ago is ready to hit the market, officially introducing the premium and high-quality MuscleTech ISOWhey. The supplement is obviously going after the isolate protein powder sub-category, separate from any of the brand’s Nitro-Techs. MuscleTech has taken part in that space previously, although this one is expected to be a highly competitive entrant.

MuscleTech’s ISOWhey gives you a strong 25g of protein in each of its servings, all of that from lean and fast-absorbing whey isolate, with no added sugar and alongside minimal carbohydrates and fat for a low calorie count. The long-running brand is keeping it simple on the flavor side of things with two traditional tastes in Chocolate and Vanilla and two classic sizes with a 2lb tub and over double-sized, more cost-effective 5lber.

ISOWhey protein powder from MuscleTech is due to hit the market in the coming weeks, and again, it’ll be battling it out in the specialty sub-category of isolate protein powder alongside the likes of Dyamtize’s ISO100. MuscleTech is incredibly reliable when it comes to taste and pricing, the latter of which we can confirm in $49.99 for a 2lber and $99.99 for a large 5lb. It’ll be launching globally in ten different countries, and major retailers like Muscle & Strength, where 5lbs of ISO100 is 30% more expensive than ISOWhey.