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nooLVL is bringing its cognitive benefits to the growingcategory of brain health

Noolvl Officially Launches Into Brain Health

Nutrition21 is known for several popular and effective ingredients, from its pump-enhancing Nitrosigine found in an impressive amount of pre-workouts, through to its muscle protein synthesis supporting Velositol, which goes by its memorable slogan “double the power of your protein”. Another notable feature from its catalog is nooLVL, a nootropic-type ingredient widely used in gaming supplements like Gorilla Mind’s Respawn.

Nutrirtion21 has officially launched nooLVL into the brain health sector based around its variety of nootropic cognitive benefits, such as enhanced focus, concentration, and memory. Clinical studies on healthy adults in the US revealed that nooLVL improves cognitive function, especially under high mental demands, enhances visual attention, information processing, and accuracy, and begins working in as quickly as 15 minutes.

The announcement and launch from Nutrition21 is putting it out there that nooLVL is highly suitable for the world of brain health and nootropic supplements, and while it has had an impact in the world of gaming and even found its way into pre-workouts, it is looking to do similar in that closely related space. Basically, prepare to see nooLVL and its signature benefits show up in products that come under the category of brain health.

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