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Flapjack-filled Advent Calendar returns for another Christmas at Oat King

Oat King 2023 Advent Calendar

European functional food companies are always a bit more fun and creative in the area of functional food, and not just with the products themselves in things like protein pancakes, ice creams, and treats, but also with how they’re presented. It is not at all uncommon for competitors in the region to craft something specifically for Christmas, like a custom advent calendar, and that is precisely what we’ve got here for you from the flapjack maker, Oat King from Germany.

Oat King has done the same as Christmases in the past and put together a giant advent calendar which, instead of being filled with chocolates, is packed full of full-size Oat King oat-based flapjack-style bars. Each of the 24 windows has a flavor of the product that’s already available, but they are all different, so fans are genuinely in for a surprise or at least something different every day leading up to Christmas, and you can grab the very limited calendar direct at €49.90 (52.75 USD).

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