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Performax shares the first look at its undoubtedly powerhouse premium pre-workout

Performax Labs Announces Hyper Maxd Out

Performax Labs has unveiled its previously mysterious supplement, and it has turned out to be what we were hoping for in a powerhouse, premium pre-workout, separate from its already available and top-rated stimulant competitor, Hypermax. A premium pre-workout is something that typically costs a bit more than a brand’s flagship entry in the space, and it simply puts more into the formula for a comprehensive performance in the gym.

The upcoming supplement from Performax Labs is Hyper Max’d Out, and again, all we know is that it’s a premium pre-workout, squeezing in even more ingredients and dosages for energy, focus, pumps, and performance than what you get in the highly effective Hypermax. The brand is at the point these days where its reputation is so strong, that the fact that it’s doing a premium pre-workout is all that needs to be said because you know it’s not going to disappoint when you turn around to its facts panel.

Performax Labs is planning to reveal the undoubtedly loaded formula behind Hyper Max’d Out in the coming weeks, followed by a complete launch through its online store, where the premium pre-workout will likely be introduced with some sort of deal or discount. Hyper Max’d Out is also going to feature its own unique, eye-catching label design, separate from the rest of the brand’s many sports nutrition products and heavily themed around each of the flavor-related animals in Dragon Fruit and Tiger’s Blood.