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Performix introduces its Supercharged series of premium stackable formulas in flavored capsules

Performix Supercharged Series

Performix has taken the covers off its high-anticipated and previously mysterious set of supplements that have turned out to be a part of the Supercharged Series. There are three separate products that make up the collection, all in unique, flavored capsule format with reliable dosages and liquid fusion technology for high-powered absorption of their specific ingredients. The entries making up the family are Performix Supercharged Preworkout, Supercharged Pump, and Supercharged Recovery.

The complete formulas behind each of the Performix Supercharged supplements are expected to be shared in the coming days, but their points and purposes are clearly outlined in their names. Performix’s Supercharged Preworkout is indeed a pre-workout for energy, focus, strength, and power; Supercharged Pump is built to increase and enhance muscle pumps; and Supercharged Recovery aims to help with muscle soreness, exercise-infused inflammation, and general, overall muscle recovery.

It’ll be interesting to see the formulas Performix has squeezed into Supercharged Preworkout, Pump, and Recovery, as inside the compact capsules are said to be clinical dosages, premium ingredients, and highly effective combinations. The brand is no stranger to crafting advanced formulas, and the Supercharged products are designed to be stacked. Once again, Performix has added a unique touch by flavoring the capsules with Preworkout in Blue Raspberry, Pump in Redberry, and Recovery in Orange Citrus.