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Power Pro drops bulk citrulline malate although its not unflavored like most standalones

Power Pro Citrulline Malate

Power Pro is heavily known as a functional food company that originated and is available in Ukraine with various protein-packed snacks, although it also has some more traditional sports nutrition products like protein powders and even more complex items like an amino cocktail and pre-workout. The latest from the brand is a supplement more in that sports nutrition realm than functional food, with the launch of the straightforward, standalone, and ingredient-titled Citrulline Malate.

Power Pro’s Citrulline Malate is a large tub of citrulline malate; however, it does have one point of difference compared to most standalone citrulline products in that it’s not unflavored. The Ukrainian brand has decided to give its competitor a bit of a variety and produced it in two tastes, apple and cherry. The supplement has a tub weight of 310g, and it can be divided up any way you want to add to things like a pre-workout, whether that’s 3g, 6g, or 10g, but keep in mind there is flavoring in there, so the number of servings won’t exactly be 310 divided by your dose.

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