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Project AD upgrades its pump pre-workout with 10g of citrulline and 50% more AstraGin

Project Ad Upgraded Nitr Ox

The reputable Project AD, or Anabolic Designs as it’s sometimes referred to, has pumped out a new and improved version of its stimulant-free and stackable pump pre-workout, Nitr-Ox. The previous iteration certainly wasn’t bad; it had its fair share of highlights, including 6g of citrulline malate, a gram of taurine, 150mg of norvaline, a sizeable 5g of HydroMax branded glycerol, and to ramp up absorption and efficacy, 50mg of AstraGin.

Project AD’s 2023 edition of Nitr-Ox is pretty much all of that but better, as you’d expect from a sequel supplement, especially one proudly claiming to have an upgraded formula. Interestingly, each and every one of those ingredients from the original is in the new Nitr-Ox, and only one is exactly the same in taurine, remaining at a single gram in a full-size serving.

Project Ad Nitr Ox Label

The other features Project AD has packed into its revamped Nitr-Ox to improve and enhance muscle pumps are 16% more norvaline at 175mg and the same 5g of glycerol, although this time around, it’s not HydroMax, but GlycerSize glycerol. Next, in place of the citrulline malate is pure citrulline, and at a much bigger 10g a serving, which is about two and a half times the dose, and 50% more AstraGin, going from 50mg up to 75mg.

As you can see, Project AD is true to its word and has certainly upgraded Nitr-Ox, improving each and every corner, bar the taurine, and maintained its original purpose of a pump-powering pre-workout without any stimulants to stack with your favorite stim-backed competitor. You can grab the new and improved supplement straight from the brand’s online store at $49.99 for tubs of a slightly lower 20 servings, but still very clearly worth it.