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Regular ED Energy Drink gets a Raspberry flavor although it’s not as high in sugar as usual

Raspberry Ed Energy Drink

Finnish energy drink company ED graced our headlines no more than two months ago in August with news of another flavor extension for its signature, bottled beverage, and it was in our preferred version of the product. The company, which is widely available in its home country, added a Sour Apple flavor to the menu of the ED Energy Drink, and it was sugar-free, with significantly fewer calories than the regular offering, although this month it’s back with a new taste of that sugar-filled version.

Rolling out to the many stores and stockists that carry the ED Energy Drink in Finland is a simple single-fruit flavor with Raspberry. As mentioned, this time around, the taste is for the brand’s original sugary beverage, although the macros aren’t as high as some of the other standard ED Energy Drink options. According to the company’s website, it only has 12.5g of carbohydrates, all of that is sugar, and 60 calories, and while that’s not overly low, that’s far better than the other full sugar flavors.