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Fast adds another flavor combining a fruit and vanilla to its milkshake-like protein shake

Raspberry Vanilla Fast Shake

Fast in Finland has released another flavor of its signature and always enjoyable protein RTD, the Fast Protein Shake, and like many other competitors in that part of the world, it is damn tasty, to the point where it is closer to a milkshake than a typical blend of protein powder and water. There aren’t many ongoing options for the product, with classics like Milk Choco and Vanilla Pear, and more uncommon tastes like Caramel and Banoffee, but it has only been on the market for two short years.

The sweet and smooth Fast Protein Shake is getting a fresh new flavor this month, pushing its menu to a total of five with a second option that combines vanilla and fruit with the self-explanatory Raspberry Vanilla, and it is out now in Finland. The flavor extension has all of the same great highlights as the other tastes, giving you 21g of protein in a milkshake-like beverage with no added sugar, carbohydrates of around 13g, all of which is sugar, a little under 4g of fat, and 160 to 170 calories.

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