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Pandy resurrects its limited energy drink flavor from last year for another Halloween

Return Of Blood Orange Pandy Energy Drink

The original protein candy company, Pandy in Sweden, went on a roll last year, releasing new flavor after new flavor for its sweet-tasting Pandy Energy Drink, expanding its menu from four tastes to seven in a matter of months. There was an eighth introduced for the beverage around that time, although, unlike the others, it was never intended to be around for long; in fact, it was promoted as a limited Halloween edition flavor with a Blood Orange Pandy Energy Drink.

One year later, and with the end of the month fast approaching, Pandy has decided to bring back that temporary taste from last year in the Blood Orange Pandy Energy Drink and give it another limited-time run in the spirit of Halloween. Fans of the functional food and beverage company can head to to grab the resurrected flavor at €1.41 a piece, but if you get in soon, there is a sale with 20% off all low-sugar candy and the Blood Orange energy drink.

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