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Fans of Salud finally get a second flavor for its more relaxing Calm + Sleep stick packs

Salud Lemon Honey Calm Sleep

Stick pack company Salud has put together another flavor for one of the three supplements that fill out its line, which consists of Hydration + Immunity, Energy + Focus, and Calm + Sleep. Each of those products explains what kind of effects and benefits you can expect from them; for example, Hydration + Immunity has electrolytes and vitamins to support hydration and immune health. The latest flavor from the brand has gone to Calm + Sleep, designed, of course, to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Of the three supplements Salud has on the market, Calm + Sleep has the least amount of tastes to choose from; in fact, up until this month, it actually only came in one flavor with Ponche or Punch, a traditional Mexican drink typically made with various dried fruits, cinnamon, and piloncillo. Making it a menu for Salud’s Calm + Sleep is a sweet and citrusy Lemon Honey, available directly from and featuring all of the product’s usual ingredients in theanine, Affron saffron, and melatonin.

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