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Fans of Savas’ compact protein shake finally get another flavor to choose from

Savas Caramel Milk Protein Shake

Savas in Japan has a tasty new flavor for its more compact 200ml size of the Savas Milk Protein Shake, which is sorely needed as up until this month, it only had one taste to choose from in a traditional Chocolate. The product itself is a nice and convenient way to get some extra protein while on the move, with a solid 20g a carton, no fat, a moderate and reasonable amount of carbohydrates at 6.9g, almost all of that sugar, and 107 calories.

Joining Savas Milk Protein Shake’s original Chocolate flavor is not something equally classic like Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter, or even Cookies & Cream, although it is just as dessert-like in a sweet and salty Caramel. The extension has all of the same critical macros as Chocolate, including 20g of protein and 107 calories, and it’s available in Japan from this month with a distinct caramel-color graphic in the background as opposed to brown.

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