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Newcomer Swedish Powerfactory gives its nutritious Cream Of Rice its first fruity flavor

Swedish Powerfactory Apple Cinnamon Cream Of Rice

The relatively young, respectable, and well-rounded brand Swedish Powerfactory, which is, of course, from Sweden, has grown the menu of one of its original supplements in the clean and nutritious carbohydrate source, Cream Of Rice. The product is exactly what it sounds like: a bulk cream of rice powder for you to turn into a bowl of hot cereal, with a 50g serving providing 39g of carbohydrates, practically no sugar at 150mg, under a gram of fat, and a lean calorie count of 176.

Swedish Powerfactory’s new flavor of Cream Of Rice to go alongside its four already available options of Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate Coconut, is something sweet, fruity, and perfectly suited for that breakfast window with Apple Cinnamon. The extension has all of the same great nutrition as the rest of the Cream Of Rice menu, entirely from cream of rice, and while it’s not in the brand’s official online store just yet, it will be up there shortly.