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Canada’s Nutraphase looks to be rolling out an eight-piece line of sports nutrition products

Teaser Of Eight Nutraphase Sport Supplements

Nutraphase in Canada added a bulk, standalone, unflavored creatine supplement to its selection around this time last year, although it didn’t feature the typical Nutraphase branding. The product appeared to do things relatively differently, featuring a completely different layout, bright-purple color scheme, and it came under the brand name or logo “Nutraphase Sport” which looks as though it’s about to become an entire series.

The long-running sports nutrition company has posted a foggy teaser image involving what appears to be eight different supplements, and they are all coming under that Nutraphase Sport banner. We’re guessing this is going to be either a whole new selection of products to replace what the brand currently has on the market, featuring new and improved versions, or it’ll be something like a more advanced, specialized sports nutrition line.

We can see some of the names on the supplements when adjusting the teaser image, including mentions of a dedicated hydration formula, a collagen, an amino cocktail, and a pre-workout carrying the same name as its current entry in that category with Clean Pre-Train. As always, we can’t help but look forward to finding out what Nutraphase has cooked up for everyone, especially since it involves as many as eight different products.

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