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Creamy chocolate and sweet coconut come together in Clean Fats’ fifth flavor

Nutraphase Chocolate Coconut Clean Fats

Clean Fats is a gourmet keto-friendly snack from the Canadian company Nutraphase, and instead of coming in your typical bar format, it is more of a dessert-style cookie or biscuit product. The brand has done a great job expanding Clean Fats from its original Peanut Butter Cup flavor to many others, including Maple Walnut, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and the chocolate overload, Triple Chocolate Caramel.

Nutraphase is welcoming the fifth flavor to its high-fat Clean Fats snack this week, bringing together creamy milk chocolate and sweet coconut in the appropriately named Chocolate Coconut. The coconut portion of the product comes in the center, with the chocolate wrapping around the outside. You still get Clean Fats’ clean macros with 3g of protein, a lot 3g of sugar, around 15g of fat, and low net carbohydrates.

Nutraphase has already made its Chocolate Coconut Clean Fats available for purchase through its online store at $34.99 for a box of 12 of the cookie-shaped keto-friendly treats, with all of the brand’s retailers expected to be getting it shortly.