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Flavor Gang takes inspiration from the classic Pad Thai for its latest low-calorie sauce

The Flavor Gang Chicky Pad Thai Sauce

The creative team at The Flavor Gang is known for its clean and nutritious cream of rice, Bowl ‘O Gainz, and also its convenient condiments, the massive selection of delicious, better-for-you sauces. The brand has several great-tasting flavors available in the sauce space, some of them being put together with its premier ambassadors like Nick Walker’s Mutant Sauce, Brett Wilkin’s Butcher Sauce, and non-collaborations such as Bahaha Sauce, Smokin’ Poppie, and Southwest Smash Sauce.

Another flavor has jumped on the menu of The Flavor Gang’s lower-calorie sauces, and similar to some of the others, it is based on a traditional food or dish in Chicky Pad Thai, inspired by the famous Thai stir-fried rice noodle dish, Pad Thai. The product looks to deliver and communicate all of its signature tastes and notes, but in the form of a delicious sauce that has no sugar and only ten calories in a moderate 30ml serving, and it’s available directly from the brand at $14.99 a bottle.