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Halloween brings another flavor creation to TWP’s ever-expanding protein powder

Twp Maple Hazel Latte All The Whey Up

To say TWP Nutrition has been on a flavor rampage since launching its first-ever protein powder All The Whey Up, is an understatement. It may be difficult to believe, but the UK-based brand only brought the supplement to market at the beginning of the year in February, featuring a simple formula of whey and milk to provide 23g of protein a serving and around 107 calories. The most impressive part was All They Whey Up debuted in nine flavors and has since expanded to a huge total of 14.

TWP Nutrition is at it again this week, adding another taste to the menu of its All The Whey Up protein powder, just in time for Halloween, and it is themed around the occasion, meaning it’s limited and won’t be here for long. The flavor isn’t overly Halloweeny, in a Maple Hazelnut Latte All The Whey Up, featuring the same sort of nutrition profile as the many other tastes available for the product, and it’s rolling out to retailers in the region as we speak with stock also coming to the brand’s website.