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Klout’s classic Blue Raspberry flavor goes live for Aminos and all four of its pre-workouts

Where To Buy Klout Blue Raspberry Flavors

Last week, Klout announced the coming of a flavor family; although it wasn’t anything supremely unique, as we’ve seen from it a few times before, it was a flavor considered to be one of the industry’s most classic tastes. The fast-growing brand has attempted a traditional Blue Raspberry recipe, but as mentioned, it’s a flavor family, and that Blue Raspberry is for five supplements in Aminos, Mamba, Karma, and the premium pre-workouts, KAIO Final Destination and KAIO Pump & Performance.

As promised, this week Klout has rolled out each and every one of those Blue Raspberry-flavored products through its online store over at As you’d expect, you won’t pay anything more for the supplements in that new but classic Blue Raspberry recipe, starting at $27 for a tub of the recovery-supporting Aminos and $47 each for the pre-workouts Mamba and Karma. The KAIO products are premium competitors and come at a premium price of $10 over Mamba at $57 a piece.