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Blue Raspberry dropping this Saturday for five of Klout’s most popular supplements

Klout Blue Raspberry Supplements

Later this week, the team at Klout, which has been growing and expanding at an impressive speed these past 12 months, is launching a whole new flavor family, although not quite a flavor series, as the items are branded like other options of each respective supplement. The extension is quite a classic taste, one of the more common in the world of sports nutrition, but it has simultaneously been put together for a list of different products.

Klout has created the classic Blue Raspberry flavor for five separate supplements, in Aminos, and four pre-workouts in Mamba, Karma, and the premium KAIO competitors, KAIO Final Destination and KAIO Pump & Performance. All of those products are coming in that traditional Blue Raspberry taste on Saturday of this week over at for their usual prices ranging from $27 for Aminos through to $57 for either KAIO.