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Adonis recreates traditional Baklava as a flavor of its unique cookie-dough like protein

Adonis Baklava Protein Cookie Dough

Protein Cookie Dough is a rather intriguing protein creation from the fitness apparel and active nutrition brand Adonis in Australia. It is along the same lines as protein sludge or protein pudding like CNP’s Mousse or Core Nutritionals’ Pudd’n, but you don’t dilute it as much. You combine the protein powder with the right amount of water and stir together to the point of it becoming a thick and dense dough-like substance, a step beyond clumpy and a step before the familiar protein sludge.

Adonis has designed Protein Cookie Dough specifically to be enjoyed like this with a formula combining slow-digesting casein and milk concentrate to provide 21g of protein a serving, about 3g of fat, 6g of carbohydrates, and a bit more calories than your typical protein around 140. We’re highlighting the brand and product this month as the team at Adonis has created a unique flavor for its already unique supplement, named after and inspired by the sweet Turkish and Greek pastry dessert, Baklava.

Adonis aims to deliver all of the key tastes and ingredients of traditional Baklava in its Baklava Protein Cookie Dough, all while still providing that signature cookie dough-like protein eating experience with 20g of protein and a reasonable calorie count of 138. The multi-industry brand has released its Baklava flavor extension in both sizes of Protein Cookie Dough in a small 400g bag of ten servings at $34.99 (22.77 USD) and the more cost-effective 1kg tub of 25 servings at $74.99 (48.80 USD).

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