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Apollon blends From Dusk Till Dawn and Chaos for a hybrid nighttime supplement

Apollon Nutrition Night Night Fatty

Apollon Nutrition has been running through 2023 with a mountain of all-new supplements, reformulations, flavors, and spin-offs, and today it has another. Night Night Fatty is somewhat of a blend of the reputable brand’s powerhouse sleep product From Dusk Till Dawn and potent fat burner Chaos. Apollon Night Night Fatty is indeed a hybrid concoction designed to help you get good quality sleep and support overnight weight loss.

Night Night Fatty from Apollon Nutrition is hitting the market at the end of this week, and as mentioned, it is very much a blend of From Dusk Till Dawn to Chaos, as all but one of its ingredients can be found in either of those supplements. To improve and enhance weight loss, the product comes with two of Chaos’ premium components in a double dose of Mitoburn at a gram a serving and the same amount of InnoSlim at 250mg.

Apollon Nutrition Night Night Fatty Label

Making up the other half of the experience in Apollon Nutrition’s Night Night Fatty is every ingredient found in From Dusk Till Dawn, almost all of them at the amount in the potent and knockout sleep supplement’s maximum serving. That includes 250mg of premium Sensoril ashwagandha, a sizeable 3g of GABA, another 3g of glycine, a strong 5mg of melatonin, and 50% more of the supremely effective Zylaria at 1.5g.

Night Night Fatty is very much an alternative to Apollon Nutrition’s regular sleep aid From Dusk Till Dawn, with weight loss benefits and effects worked into it, making it quite an interesting spin-off. The upcoming supplement will be in the same flavored format as From Dusk Till Dawn, although the taste for this one is an intriguing Lemon Mint Tea. Again, the product is debuting this Friday, and it’ll be $10 more than From Dusk Till Dawn at $64.95 for a tub of 20 servings, and it’s only around for a limited time.