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Apollon puts together an absolutely loaded formula for the sleep category

Apollon Nutrition From Dusk Till Dawn

Sleep is a category Apollon Nutrition has mentioned that it plans on entering here and there, and this week, that day is finally coming with the launch of its loaded competitor, From Dusk Till Dawn. Nighttime-specific supplements or sleep aids are not a common type of product from sports nutrition brands, at least these days, with new entries not coming to market all that often.

Apollon Nutrition’s From Dusk Till Dawn is an absolutely loaded sleep supplement, enough to say this is the most packed-out product for the category in recent memory. The hardcore brand is known for its extensive combination of reliable ingredients and impressive dosages, and that theme more than continues in its nighttime debut with a formula we can confirm firsthand is incredibly effective.

From Dusk Till Dawn brings together a variety of common sleep-supporting ingredients, although you won’t find this combination in any other supplement, at least from what we know of. The product is packed full of highlights, including a gram of lemon balm, half a gram of the relaxing theanine, 250mg of Sensoril branded ashwagandha, and a solid 3g each of glycine of GABA.

Apollon Nutrition From Dusk Till Dawn Label

Melatonin is also in the mix with Apollon Nutrition’s From Dusk Till Dawn at a sizeable 5mg a serving and a hefty one-gram dose of Zylaria. We reviewed Zylaria as a standalone supplement due to how impressively effective it is all on its own. Apollon has taken that premium ingredient at a good amount and, again, combined it with a whole host of other sleep components at equally robust dosages.

We’ll have our full in-depth review of the From Dusk Till Dawn experience shortly, but it delivers in every area you could want from a sleep support product. It has one of the most intense knockout effects we’ve had in a supplement, where you’ll fall asleep in any possible position and wake up feeling extremely refreshed, even if you’ve had less sleep than usual, sort of like a sleep optimization.

Apollon Nutrition is releasing From Dusk Till Dawn this coming Friday through its online store at $54.95 for a tub of 20 servings. If you’re a regular user of nighttime products, then you’ll want to be at come Friday, as it is a must-try. The supplement is arriving in Raspberry Lemonade and Honey Lemon Tea flavors, the latter of which we can say does not taste good, but an incredibly small price to pay for the addictive effectiveness.