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Believe is dropping a Christmassy flavor of protein powder on the first day of December

Believe Cinnamon Gingerbread Isolate

Tomorrow is indeed the first day of December and exactly 25 days until Christmas, and it’s more than fair to say the holiday season is in full swing. We’ve seen plenty of sports nutrition brands and functional food companies create and come out with special edition flavors themed around Christmas. That is exactly what the Canadian competitor Believe Supplements has gone and done by way of a limited-time taste for its more premium protein powder, Isolate, named after its source of protein.

Right in line with the start of December, tomorrow, Believe Supplements is launching a classic Christmas flavor for its whey isolate-powered protein product in a Cinnamon Gingerbread Isolate. It’ll have the supplement’s signature lean nutrition profile of 27g of protein per serving, no sugar or fat, low carbohydrates, and around 110 calories. The brand will be making its Christmas edition flavor of Isolate live tomorrow on its website in what looks to be the one 2lb tub size, which carries a cost of $59.99 (44.21 USD).

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