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Turns out Believe’s Miami-themed flavor series covers four different supplements

Believe Supplements Miami Vibe And Vice Series

Shortly after the complete unveiling of Believe Supplements’ latest pre-workout innovation, Pump Addict Max — highlighted by 8g of citrulline malate, 3.5g of beta-alanine for performance, and a gram of alpha-gpc for intense focus — a limited series of flavors was announced. Miami-themed tastes were confirmed for the impressively stacked product, including Miami Vibe and Miami Vice, and while we originally only saw them for Pump Addict Max, there is actually more to them, a lot more to them.

Firstly, it has been confirmed what the actual tastes of Believe Supplements’ special edition recipes are, with Miami Vibe being a tropical recipe blending orange, strawberry, kiwi, and lemon, while Miami Vice is something a little more direct in the cocktail-inspired strawberry cherry margarita. Secondly, both of those flavors have been produced for three supplements outside of Pump Addict Max, including the amino cocktail EAAs, the hybrid Energy Burner, and the clear protein powder Protein Refresher.

The rather large eight-piece Miami Collection from Believe Supplements is now available in the sports nutrition brand’s local Canadian market, and it has great distribution, meaning consumers will likely be seeing Miami Vibe and Miami Vice for Pump Addict Max, EAAs, Protein Refresher, and Energy Burner in many places.