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Bucked Up creates a well-named flavor for its four pre-workouts with Bare Knuckle FC

Bucked X Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Collab

Bucked Up has put the pressure on the sports nutrition industry in the flavor game this year, pumping out taste after taste, extension after extension. Just last week, for Black Friday, we got a Buck Berry flavor for four of the hit brand’s stimulant pre-workouts in Bucked Up, BAMF, Woke AF, and the hybrid LFG Burn. The latest from Bucked Up isn’t actually live today, but it will be in a few days at the end of the week, and it is another flavor series like Buck Berry, but this time around, it is a collaboration.

The company Bucked Up has teamed up with for its latest drop, is BKFC, which stands for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, a premier fighting organization where the competitors do indeed fight with their bare knuckles. As a bit of play on words, the collaboration between the sports nutrition brand and BKFC is a Bare Knuckle Punch flavor for all four of Bucked Up’s stimulant pre-workouts, Bucked Up, BAMF, Woke AF, and LFG Burn, and again it arrives this coming Friday at