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Strawberry and raspberry come together for Bucked Up’s sweet Buck Berry flavor series

Bucked Up Buck Berry Flavor Series

Bucked Up has been incredibly busy this year with a host of flavor extensions, although it’s been equally adding to its selection of supplements, including the recent release of its six-piece Babe Series, using innovative Enfinity paraxanthine. That flavor fun continues this week in traditional Bucked Up style, as it has introduced another taste for its extensive family of sports nutrition products, but it hasn’t kept it to one supplement; it has released the flavor for four of its more popular offerings.

The latest taste Bucked Up has crafted is Buck Berry, an obviously named berry experience, bringing together the sweetness of strawberry and raspberry into a single taste. As mentioned, the hugely successful brand has added Buck Berry to the menu of four of its products, similar to what it did with the likes of Blackberry Lemonade and the Aussie Freak Series. Buck Berry has been produced for the four pre-workouts, Bucked up, Woke AF, BAMF, and LFG Burn, all now available at