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Crispy fruity flavor comes to the menu of ProBrands’ flagship beverage as winter approaches

Crispy Pear Probrands Bcaa Drink

ProBrands in Sweden has a new flavor of its hybrid functional drink this week, which is officially named BCAA Drink, but again, it’s a hybrid product with more to it than that title ingredient. Like several other sports nutrition beverages in that part of the world, the brand’s flagship drink features a variety of vitamins, recovery-supporting BCAAs, and caffeine for energy at a reasonable 105mg in an entire 12oz or 330ml can.

In its home market of Sweden, ProBrands has all sorts of flavors available for that premier functional beverage, including its temporary, summery Vacay Edition creations, with this year’s entry themed around a famous European holiday destination in Mykonos Sunset. The new flavor joining the BCAA-infused energy drink here in the month of November is Crispy Pear, a common taste for functional beverages in Scandinavia.

ProBrands’ Crispy Pear BCAA Drink is already hitting stores across the country, including the ever-reliable Proteinbolaget, where the retailer makes it easier than most to purchase as it has a bulk case of 24 cans, a variety pack to mix and match up to four different flavors for the same price, and single cans for those that just want to sample the drop.

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