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Reliable Australian brand Day One is reformatting, reformulating and rebranding its lineup

Day One Performance Complete Revamp

The powerhouse Australian supplement company Day One Performance has carefully selected the categories it competes in and crafted some reliable formulas for each of them, right from its debut of the daily health and performance products Eclipse For Men and Eclipse For Women. The brand has come a long way since that initial launch, adding several other supplements for some specialized spaces, and the latest update from Day One is going to see all of that pushed even further.

Day One Performance has announced a complete revamp, beyond just a fresh new look, which you can get a glimpse of in the image above. According to the company from down under, it has rebranded its entire selection of supplements, switched up some of the formats of its sports nutrition and health innovations, and tweaked a few formulas for the better. Day One will continue its premium approach, of course, combining premium and reliable ingredients and dosages.

The refreshed and refined line will include powder versions of its original supplements, Eclipse For Men and Eclipse For Women, as well as its cortisol control competitor, Relief. Again, Day One Performance has promised new and improved formulas behind its selection of products, so even those that have remained in their format may have undergone some tweaks inside. The Australian brand will be revealing and sharing more shortly with a rollout also coming in the near future.

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