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EHP Labs adds a reds superfood supplement to stack with its original OxyGreens

Ehp Labs Oxyreds

Fans of EHP Labs that have been wanting a superfood supplement that fulfills the other side of the equation of the brand’s already available OxyGreens, your request has been answered by way of OxyReds. While OxyGreens is packed full of greens ingredients, including wheat grass, kale, spinach, celery, and more, for general health and wellness, OxyReds focuses specifically on reds for digestion, skin health, immunity, and vitality.

EHP Labs has squeezed 3g of reds ingredients into OxyReds, with a blend of carrot, beetroot, dragonfruit, pomegranate, raspberry fruit, strawberry, cranberry, acai, and Irish moss powder. To add a bit more to the experience, the brand has also included a 2.5g combination of inulin, pectin, arabinogalactan, and papaya juice for digestion and gut health, and a compact 45mg vitality blend of resveratrol, lycopene, and astaxanthin.

Over in the official EHP Labs online store, OxyReds is available at $49.95 for a tub of 30 servings in your choice of Raspberry Refresh, Fruijt Xplosion, and Forest Berries flavors. It is the same price as a bottle of the longer-running OxyGreens, and there is a bundle with the two together at $94.95. If you can get in shortly, EHP is running a Black Friday sale with 20% off using the coupon “BF20”, bringing OxyReds as well as OxyGreens down to $40.