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Glaxon pushes the button and clears its Instagram like it did for Season Two

Glaxon Clears Out Instagram For 23 Anniversary

The act of clearing out an Instagram page is a significant one, with a few sports nutrition brands doing it over the years, and on those occasions, it always resulted in some sort of significant move or shift, like a rebrand, relaunch of a new line, or evolution of a selection. Glaxon had done it in the past when it launched its legendary Season Two, which saw the reputable brand reformulate and improve each of its previously released products and introduce some refreshing innovations.

It has been a while since Glaxon has pushed the button and cleared out its Instagram account, but this week, in the lead-up to its anniversary, it has indeed gone ahead and made that move. Keep in mind this is not at all a common occurrence for the brand, despite it doing it once before. This is still very much a surprising development from Glaxon, and it has us wondering what it has in store for fans since, again, the last time it did it, we got the complete overhaul that was Season Two.

An entire revamp could very much be what Glaxon is cooking up for us this time around, as the brand usually prefers to strike hard on its birthday, which was also the timeframe for Season Two. Glaxon is teasing the date 11.11.23, so the 11th of this month, two days from today, so we won’t be waiting long to find out what it has in store for everyone.

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