Glaxon clears out its Instagram and gets ready to break the mold

Sep 11th, 2020
glaxon season two mold to break

Glaxon has come out of nowhere and cleared out its Instagram account today, removing all of its previous posts and images, and replaced it with a strip of comics. There are 12 new posts in place of all of the brand’s previous ones that tell a story filled with all of the usual Glaxon madness and entertainment, but behind it all is an interesting and exciting message.

In multiple posts on the brand’s wiped Instagram, both in the comics themselves and captions, Glaxon makes mention of a major revamp. It talks about entirely new supplements, more flavors, a fresh rebrand, and updated formulas for current products. It also ends with the line ‘Season 2 Mold to Break’, which is something we talked about on our podcast with the brand back in May.

Based on everything Glaxon is saying and showing, it looks like the complete overhaul it was talking about for potentially next year is coming early. If that is indeed the case, it will be extremely impressive. Glaxon only hit the market ten months ago, making a complete revamp with formulas, flavors, and branding, a huge undertaking, even more so considering the size of its line is.

More information should be coming out on what exactly Glaxon has up its sleeve in the coming days or weeks. We suspect the brand will move fairly quickly on this, not just because its Instagram account is currently bare aside from the comic strip, but it won’t want to leave fans hanging too long on this.

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