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G Fuel is including Gohan in its Dragon Ball Z collaboration but from a different part of the series

Gohan Blackberry Tea G Fuel

G Fuel recently announced another collaboration with the legendary manga and anime Dragon Ball, in a family of flavors of its signature energy and focus-supporting gaming supplement themed around characters from Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza Saga. The collection includes Goku’s Super Saiyan, Frieza’s Evil Emperor, and Ginyu Force, named after the team itself, but alongside that group is going to be a fourth Dragon Ball Z flavor from a different part of the series.

G Fuel has chased up its Frieza Saga announcement with details of a product themed around Goku’s son, Gohan, but from much earlier in Dragon Ball Z, than when the crew clashes with Frieza. The flavor is called Gohan Blackberry Tea, and it is, of course, for the brand’s signature gaming supplement, like those other three Dragon Ball collaborations, and it is launching alongside all of them as well in just a few days from now on Friday of this week.

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